Increase Your Energy Plus lose Weight?

If you’ve struggled with your weight, you know how hard it can be! Many diet and exercise programs leave you with gnawing hunger and low energy. Now choose HT+400 this revolutionary new supplements may help you manage
your weight! The nutrients in these proprietary formulas work synergistically to deliver everything you want in a weight management formula.

HT400®: Harnessing the power of botanicals for healthy weight management

Original formula HT 400® contains two “superstar” natural botanical extracts that make weight management easier than ever. Garcinia cambogia is a fruit extract (in the form of SuperCitriMax®) that, when
combined with a healthy diet and exercise program, has been shown to be three times more effective than diet and exercise alone.

* HT 400® also includes Black Bush (also known as acacia rigidula), one of the newest weight loss superstars. Black Bush, a shrub native to Texas and Mexico, contains naturally occurring compounds that help you manage your weight in two ways.First, one of the compounds is a natural appetite suppressant, so you don’t have to suffer through constant hunger pangs when you cut back on your intake.* Second, emerging research suggests that one of the compounds in Black Bush stimulates the activity of beta-3 receptors, which help you burn fat more easily. *

Scientific research suggests that the active ingredients in HT400®:

  • Help suppress appetite naturally*
  • Stimulate beta-3 receptors to aid in lipid mobilization *
  • Support healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Boost energy naturally*

This breakthrough botanical formula also includes green tea, green coffee bean, and raspberry ketones. These powerful botanical extracts work synergistically to help support healthy weight management, lipid mobilization, and metabolism.

*HT 400® also includes chromium in the form of ChromeMate® to help support healthy blood sugar levels. * (Healthy blood sugar levels means your body releases less insulin, a fat-storage hormone.) And to address those energy dips that seem to go hand in hand with a weight loss program, 125mg of caffeine provides a natural energy boost that will help keep you alert and refreshed.*

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the results for any reason, simply return it within 30 days for a full refund less Shipping and Handling.


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